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Convergence issue with Quest 2 and IPD 67 - maybe a software solution can fix this?

Level 5

Hi there 🙂


I would like to enjoy my Quest 2 but so far i'm unable to do that.

My IPD is 67 and so i have the following issue:


When the Lenses are set to 2(IPD 63) i'm able to focus on the image, but my pupils are outside the sweetspot, so i see many godrays and i get crosseyed.


When i set the lenses to 3(IPD68) the lenses are in a good spot, but i cannot focus on the image at all 😕

Everything looks like the picture on the right:



Things that are far away are ok but blurry. Things that are close are unwatchable. It hurts to use the Quest like this - i cannot see and VR is all about seeing(well..for the most part).

I also tried to set the lenses between the values, but that doesn't help. The image only shifts between 63 and 68


I think the issue is just because the image will be shifted to the set IPD range. This can be changed with software however(same way PSVR does that, or WMR Headsets).


It would be really nice, if Oculus updates the software, so that we can set our IPD and the image shifts accordingly!


The image just doesn't converge for me and that hurts a lot after a while when trying to play like this.



I have no problem with the Quest 1, the Oculus Go, my WMR Headsets, or PSVR, but the Quest 2 is unusable for me and that hurts even more, when games like Resident Evil 4 are only playable on Quest 2.


Please solve this problem Oculus.


Level 11

The biggest issue with the QII was only having 3 fixed IPD settings, and this has to be the dumbest decision ever on any vr HMD i have ever come across, so people like yourself will never get to see the extra res per eye because the very baisc issue of getting the HMD to fit your IPD is out the window, and i have no idea why they chose this way because the PSVR on the Sony Platform also has one panel, but it uses software to fine tune to people IPD and it works perfectly, so why FB thought that having only 3 fixed IPD settings was good idea is beyond me, i mean imaging going to the opticians and you only have a choice of glasses that have 3 fixed IPDs. lol


But i am sorry to say i don't think this will ever be fixed other that on the next Quest as i don't see how they can as the sweet spot might just be too small on the QUII to even allow the addition of software IPD fine tuning fix the issue for some. 😞


This guy talks about it at length, something about an after market prism lens that solves it.

Level 5

Thank you for your replies!


@OmegaM4N: Yeah i think the next Quest wioll have a fix for that, but for now...i am stuck with something i cannot use 😕 

I posted the same on Reddit and they suggested to use the app quest ipd on sidequest or "quest-ipd glitch"(i can't post the link here...)
Then i can set the lenses in between the 2 settings and verify that the correct IPD is set.

For some reason the image did not shift when i moved the lenses in between those settings and this prolly caused the misalignment. I will see if it's the same in the new Quest 2.

Since i live in germany i could not order the Quest 2 here, but had to order it from Amazon france. I cannot contact Oculus about this issue....

@Funkypepper_5150. That's pretty interesting! I would like to test that out. I can imagine that a prism solves the offset and alignes both eyes correctly, but i don't know how this works with fresnel lenses without altering the image in undesired ways. This might introduce warping or other effects. A similar effect is visible on Pimax Headsets and it is pretty bad(i heard they solved that issue on later Headsets though).

I would really like to test that, but i have no way of doing that sadly 😕



There is a magnet trick to move the sharp part of the image to match in-between IPD's. When you move the lenses you also move a sensor that tell the computer what position you picked, but some folks fine tune it using external magnet. I know there are videos about it on YT, but I haven't watched them in full. good luck.