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Couch mode disappeared.

Level 5

I had a couch setup. After a restart of the system..the option is gone from experimental menu!

ok so I got a 2nd quest 2. Call it headset B


headset A I turned on multi accounts. Created a 2nd more my wife. On this headset my primary account has developer mode in settings, has couch option, has voice commands in quick actions....the secondary account does not. 

on headset B...same restrictions. No voice commands options, no developer mode, no couch option...


what happened? Any ideas?


Level 5

So I tried factory resetting both! Setup from scratch. All features were there. Even for the secondary user. One restart of the headset and they disappear again. 

Level 5

Ok figured out some stuff. But not fixed. 

If I go to the oculus website, login, go to the device list. Then security. I can force logout all devices from Facebook. Then...


When I log back into my headset, it will try to connect to my Facebook account and give me an error. No matter how many times I press the retry button it will not work. If I open the app on my phone it will show no headset online. If I click the headset and hit connect, it will then find it. Then if I click the retry button in the headset. It will successfully connect to Facebook. At that point the screen goes black and comes back. When it does, the features come back. 
The people icon changes to the messages icon on the Oculus menu bar. The couch experimental feature is back there. The developer option in the settings menu is back. .... until I restart. Then it’s all gone again. And the messages icon is back to being the people icon. 
The only way to get it back is to repeat the above steps,
what the heck!!

Level 2

Same problem on brand new headset.

Level 2

Same thing. I had couch mode since v26, today I had to factory reset. Turned on and couch mode was there, set it up. Restarted device and its gone from experimental features, same thing with messenger 

You can use my fix in the meantime, go to and login, under your device go to security and you can log out all devices from there. 

then go back to your headset and it will give you an error trying to sign into Facebook. Take out your mobile phone and use the oculus app to connect to your headset by clicking on it in the devices section of the app. Once it connects..then go back into the headset. 

click on “retry” to connect to facebook. A d boom your stuff is back. May have to click a couple of times. 

then just don’t restart. Put it to sleep when you’re done. 

also a tip if you do...go into power settings and disable wake up with face detection. Make it so you have to press the power button to “unsleep” otherwise if you put in a lens cover you device wakes up when you’re not using.