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Crashing to Home

Level 2

I recently bought a quest 2, and when using the Oculus link it will crash instantly when loading any Steam game. I've tried multiple Oculus titles and all seem to work fine, but any steam games will kick me straight out of the link. I have the official link cable and my pc seems to be handling it fine according to hardware monitor. I've put the render resolution down as far as possible at 72Hz. I've tried all USB ports, another cable, and all of my games have been set to minimum settings.

Specs are as follows: 
MB - MSI B550-A Pro

CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x

Ram - 16gb Crucial Ballistix 3000Mhz

GPU - MSI RTX 2070 Ventus GP

PSU - Corsair RM 750x

Storage is some Crucial SSD