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Create dev organization without credit card

Level 2
I want to enable developermode on my quest but is there a way to create an organization without signing in with credit card? I don't have a credit card but I do have Paypal, which is already linked to my oculus account. 

Level 2
Same here. I do  have a credit card but every time I try to add it, I get a message saying that it failed.
There should be a second option (by telephone), but I'm not seeing that option anywhere!
My paypal is linked to my oculus account, allready bought Virtual desktop without problems.

This should be fixed asap 😞

Level 2
I had a chat with support and they said the phone is not an option and you can really only can use the credit card for id verification. Maybe worth to write a support ticket if you can add the credit card.

Level 2
I have the same problem that I do not own a credit card

Level 2
same and im sad

Level 2
Yes,This is very disappointing i want to get dev mode but i can't get to it because i don't use credit card.
I use other apps like paypal this should be fixed like being able without credit card

Level 2

same problem, did Facebook buy occulus and not pay the people who manage this site? no answers for years!