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Creating Interactive VR Tours

Level 2

Hi everyone! I am a marine science educator developing some VR field trips to our coast for underserved middle school students. I have some Oculus Quest 2 headsets that will be loaned out to schools so that students can interactively and virtually visit the marsh. Initially I had thought I could use RoundMe to develop tours that would work in the Oculus Quest 2 headset, but now I'm learning that many VR tour building sites are incompatible with these headsets. I've tried RoundMe, Theasys, CloudPano, and Panoskin, and none seem to have a tour that is compatible with the Quest. Does anyone have any tips for me? All help is appreciated. Thank you!


Level 12

honestly there is no drag and drop tour creator.

That said if you have access to a 360 camera you can upload to youtube and let people play them on the youtube app.

Or joining the developer community and learning unity and unreal engines.