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DO quest 2 controllers work with the quest 1?

Level 2

Both of my quest 1 controllers broke so i wanna know if i can still use it when i get my quest 2


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, the Quest 2 Touch controllers are not compatible with the original Quest unit. You can click here to sign up for notifications on when they may be back in stock on the website, or to check and see if any retailers in your area may have them for sale. If you're still within your warranty period however, you can click here to contact us so we can look into our options to help you out!

How do you sign up for notifications on the website?  I was looking myself the first link just shows Not Available, not not seeing where to get notifications.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

At the moment the Quest controllers have the "Not available" disabled button instead of "Notify me", so there's no notifications available.

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Necro 🤡

Level 2

After talking with Oculus support they advised me that the Quest 1 controllers are no longer supported/ available. They have been made a discontinued product. Your best bet is to try and fins a used one of eBay or try and get lucky with your Oculus retailers in your region. Good luck, we've all been left out to dry.

That's messed up

Level 2

My left controller just started lagging out of nowhere. I've invested hundreds of dollars into my quest i really do love this product, but the fact that consumers are just left hanging like this is crazy