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DOA Quest 2 Unit & Serial Number Mismatch

Level 2

Hey there, I currently have a ticket in for review but was curious if this has happened to anyone else. I purchased my first Quest 2 yesterday. I was super excited to finally get into VR after playing with some friends. Got home and unpackaged everything and go to set it up only to find out the unit won't work at all. I noticed some scuffs around the area where the power plugs in but thought maybe I did that plugging it in out of excitement, who knows. Anyway, after going through troubleshooting with support they tell me my ticket will go under review and they'll get back to me. Okay, cool...but just in case I went to the store to try and return or exchange. Turns out the headset serial number does not match what is printed on the box so the store obviously won't help in this situation. So here we are. I'm waiting on a ticket review and praying they help fix this situation. How does something like this happen? Any how, just wanted to vent and see if this has happened to anyone else.