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Disappointed in Adult pron content

Level 7

I was excited to go from an Oculus Go to a Quest 2 because of the significant higher resolution. But what I found was the videos looked just as blurry only missing the screen door effect using the Quest 2. I checked a couple of 4K videos just to verify the max clarity I could get and they were still horrid.


Does anyone know the actual bottleneck?. I assume it would mean the Quests 2 is still too low resolution?.


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Volunteer Moderator

It depends on what "4K" means in this case.

Is it 4K per eye or both eyes added? Stereo or mono video? If stereo, is it Side by side or top over bottom? 180 degree or 360 degree.

These will all affect the quality.


For example a video labeled 4K might be 180 degree side by side 3D for a total video resolution of 4096x2048. But that is lower res than even a Go. The Go has about 89x90 degree view and 1280x1440 resolution per eye, so in 180 degrees it requires 2,588x2880 per eye. In side by side stereo that would be a video with resolution of 5176x2880, a lot more than the "4K" video above provides. So a Quest 2 won't show it any better (except screen door as you mentioned).




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It's not only the hardware resolution but the videoplayer plays a dominant role.

So which player do you use ?

Skybox, DeoVR, PlayaVR, VirtualDesktop or else ?

And if so, is it the Quest Version or the PC-Version via Link/AirLink or VD ?


How exactly would the video player play a dominant role?. The first poster suggests from my understanding it can't get clearer. And I would be inclined to believe it. Watching 4k on a regular computer screen through a browser is no different than downloading it and playing it on a player as far as I can tell.

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the player is the "man in the middle" between the encoding stored in the movie and the hardware in the reproduction device.

it decodes the video and audio streams and renders according to the capabilities of the reproduction device.

So it is paramount that the player is really up to date to provide the maximum experience.

I don't know which player software was used on his Oculus-Go.

But for the Quest (1 in my case) it makes a major difference.

So the question again: Which player is used and on which device (Android or PC) ?

4K stuff just using a browser and a bunch of other random videos I downloaded previously playing on Skybox.

Level 12

Just get the tenga add on lol

Level 12


the question was not meant for you but the original poster to reply.

that it works with Skybox is clear, this is a player acting properly with encoding/decoding issues as well as the rendering against the Quests.


What we still don't know is what the thread-starter was using on his Go and what he is using now on his Quest.

And if he is using a Quest-native player (Android) or PC player using whatever flavour of link.

And of course as mentioned by @kojack the metadata of the videos in question.

Level 7

I just told you Skybox bro. If you want to convince me it's not a blurry **bleep**fest you're more than welcome to post a link hopefully you're allowed.


The one caveat that I can see for the system actually being worth it with adult content is real Time 3D animated stuff. From my experience with games.. maybe because of their lack of detail compared to real life stuff never look fuzzy.