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Dismiss "Your System's graphics card is incompatible" warnings?

Level 2
I get the error "Your System's graphics card is incompatible with the Rift System Software" error when I boot up Oculus on my laptop (MSI, GTX 1050ti).  What's frustrating is that the games run just fine from Oculus Link to Quest 2 if I launch them without the Oculus software.  I can run Dirt Rally, Bullet Train, and others on the laptop just fine.  I had to launch Bullet Train from the .exe directly though because the software tells me it's not compatible.  I'm a bit confused as to why it's so sure it's not compatible when the games all run just fine.  Is there any way to shut of these incompatible warnings?


Level 5
Gtx 1050 is not an "officially supported " gpu

See here;

Not sure what you can do. Try support but unlikely they can help.

Best hope is someone here can help, or Reddit

Add-on: if you plan to use wireless steamvr, using virtual desktop, I dont believe it actually requires having the Oculus software installed on your pc. Just the virtual desktop software and the oculus drivers, and sidequest briefly to patch Virtual Desktop. Like 90%sure.

Level 2
Well, again, wired works just fine.  I just have to launch the app directly from steam or an exe because Oculus seems intent on telling me that my computer won't work.