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Does Oculus really care about Q2 users?

Level 2

It's clear that Oculus doesn't seem to care about the Quest 2 users. After all these updates I'm not even able to use it on my computer anymore without it crashing or returning to the main home. The fact I been able to run it with an GTX 1650 was surprising enough but now I can't at all. Before You say something stupid people "I KNOW" the 1650 isn't VR Ready but it still ran decent enough and no "I CHECKED" my cable and there's no issues with that. I know it's because of all these dumbasses and their constant "updating" (Which clearly their updates means breaking **bleep**).


Level 12

Get off your soap box, the 1650 was never able the quest 1.  I have a quest 1 and quest 2.  There is virtually no differences when it comes to headsets for compatiblity when it comes to link.

With the resolutions and frame rates that the quest 2 can do a 1650 is not really going to cut it.  Also link isn't the main selling point of the quest 2.  The fact it can be used with out pc is the main selling point.

Level 16

Does Oculus really care about Q2 users?



- as a Rift user, man that is the most funny title I've seen in a loooooooooong time! 


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