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Does using USB-C (Female) to USB-A (Male) adapter, alters oculus link quality ?

Level 2
Hi, as i turned out I don't have a usb c port. My alternatives (as I already bought oculus link) are buying an adapter, or adding a usb c port, to my motherboard. As I am not a tech savy, and clearly just buying adapter will be cheaper, my question is, will adapter lower my quality of pc vr ? Will there be any difference ? I am not too sure which, but apprently I need one that is either rated for 3.1 or 3.0. My motherboard is "b450m ds3h" if that helps. Thanks. Also, amazon is not really supported in my country, so I would need to know (when searching by myself) which "thing" to avoid, when looking for cheaper/more expensive adapters.
(sry for bad english).

Level 4
You don't have a Gen 2  type C header on that board.. so you will need a USB3 front panel connector to type C adapter.. something like:

I cant really help with a non amazon link but search "USB 3 Front Panel to Type C" should bring up many. They are dumb adapters (no electronics in them just wires), so all should be similar.

Level 4
It woudl go in here on the motherboard

Level 12
I tried an adapter and I believe it worked as expected. The link at 72 hz and compression isn't as clear as my rift s. That will change when the link is out of beta at 90hz. So I think its working as expected eith the adapter.