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Don't bother with Quest 2, Quality Control is Terrible

Level 3

Got a  Quest 2 as a gift beginning of December, immediately noticed a cluster of dead pixels, went through several weeks of the RMA process.  They sent me a refurbished unit that was DOA with corrupted OS and it wouldn't do anything but cycle to "Could not load OS", had to RMA again and still don't have a replacement.  They are completely swamped due to sending out so many defective units.  Never mind getting the audacity to send a refurb for something you spent full price for that was bad out of the box.


If you want a quality headset, this ain't it.


Level 3

wow sorry to hear that. im going thru a similar situation...RMA for "USB Update Menu loop" (where it is essentially bricked and stuck within a weird menu, there is no fix)....going on 2 weeks and still no replacement. i'd be less frustrated if the email they initially sends out said "we're swamped and it might take a month!" vs outright lying and saying "you will received a replacement in 3-5 days"

Level 3

I'm sure a lot of people got em' for christmas and are now in the same situation as us

Level 3

je pense qu'il faut fuir oculus et aller chez la concurence 😉 

Level 5

Forget Christmas, they have had my faulty unit since November and nothing. 

Terrible support, no device for over 9 weeks and counting. 

No support or customer service other than "Please be patient". 


Does anyone know a corporate address for official written complaints or to serve legal papers on please? 


Thanks in anticipation. 


Ticket No - 3575945

Level 3

I feel your pain, sent my secind bad unit a week ago, no confirmation they evem got it.