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Doubts about PCVR resolution

Level 2


Have some small questions about resolution. Trying to play Elite Dangerous on an RTX 3080 with Quest 2 Air Link, what would produce better quality and performance? Setting res at max on Oculus software and then upscaling through the game to that res? Lowering the res on Oculus and then upscaling it or leaving it as is in game? Would it produce the same results as the final output could be the same?

Im talking about Elite but mostly any game would do. My current approach is to always max (1.7x) on Oculus software and then in games using the resolution scaling sliders thar are common in most of them to adjust it for better performance (usually with dlss/fsr/etc).

Just curious about what people usually do.



Level 2

Generally speaking, it's better to max res on your GPU and then downscale on your output device. However, if you're having any issues, lower your GPU settings as necessary. So long as your processing hardware can handle it, it's better to downscale to your output device from your processing devices. 

Level 2

What is "max on your GPU" in this instance? Just leave it max on Oculus Software (5408x2736) and then on the game set supersampling/res to maybe 0.85 if needed for performance? That's what I'm usually doing, but I see videos regarding game settings where they usually set Oculus Software halfway up (like 1.3x for example) and then upscale in game, which seems weird to me.