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Driver problem with quest 2

Level 2

Hello, this is Jonathan. I have recently purchased one of your products Oculus Quest 2. After downloading the application for Oculus quest 2, it made me update my drivers. By clicking on the "Learn more" link that came with the app, it brought me to a website. I had 3 choices of updating my drivers through either G-Force Experience, AMD, and finally Intel. After checking what drivers I have, I updated my drivers through the Intel website. Now, no matter where I go on the Intel website, it says that my drivers and everything else is up to date. Going back to the Oculus quest 2 application, it is still repeating the same message. New update for your drivers required just like last time. Next, I decided to update my drivers through a different method, and re-install the Ocolus Quest 2 app. After going through the process one more time, nothing has changed. I am very worried that my Ocolus headset is not working, so I would be so happy if you could resolve this issue for me. Thank you so much for your support.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello @johnnymcj_YT, sorry about this issue. Please contact us here and let us know the issue you encountered. We would be glad to help with this. Hope to hear from you soon.

Level 4

I am having a similar issue. If you are running the Oculus app on a laptop with dual GPU then it won't work. Oculus seems to have no interest in fixing this issue.