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Earbuds and built-in mic while using Link cable

Level 4
As of about 2 weeks ago, I have trouble with earbuds and the built-in mic when using Oculus Link.
When I enable Link and open a VR game that has mic access (VRchat, for example) it has trouble detecting the built-in mic on the Quest. The device shows up in the game settings, and can be selected as the input device, but it cannot detect or capture any audio. I would sometimes have to close and re-open the application(s) as many as 5 or 6 times before the mic began working.

I eventually discovered that the problem only happens when I have my earbuds plugged in when opening the application(s). If the earbuds are not plugged into the Quest when the application first starts up, then the mic works on the first try, even if the earbuds are plugged in later. Because of this, I can only assume that the Quest is registering one of both earbuds as a mic, and it is overriding the built-in mic.

I have been using the same earbuds for 2-3 months and the problem only started happening recently. This leads me to believe that a recent update to either the Link software or the Quest's OS is the cause.