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Early Quest Impression

Level 14
Install was great, using the app was painless and easy.

The Touch Controllers aren't quite as good as the CV1 touch to me but they're still Touch and still great. The main downside is they are a bit top heavy and want to roll anytime I open my hand which is not a big deal so I would rank them a hair under old CV1.

 I find the Audio quality ok but it's not near loud enough. I normally play with a fan on me to avoid sweating and I couldn't hear what NPC's were saying in the Vader game over my fan even on low. Will definitely have to get an audio solution for playing with a fan/noisy areas. 

Tracking is really good for the most part, I can swing my arms all around in front of me, my above/front and arms extended with no problems. Played beat saber and didn't have any problems. Definitely tracks better than O+. It does lose tracking anytime I rest my hands by my side and I can see when the hands jump back when I pick them up. I'm also getting some loss near the headset near the front of it. Also, I was getting quite a bit of head judder during the Vader game. I don't know if it's just that game or my space, but it also appeared like I was also getting low FPS in there as my hands weren't very smooth and were kind of jerky. If I would sway side to side with a lateral movement like rocking back and forth on each leg, it would lose positioning and snap me over which doesn't feel great. I didn't see this happening in Beat Saber so maybe the SOC was overloaded. I will need more experimenting. *Edit* turns out I was downloading something in the background and asking a mobile chip to multitask is too much. Vader Immortal is a lot more playable now.

Visuals are good as well. SDE is definitely clearly visible on everything but the image still looks good. (Disclaimer: I am probably more sensitive to SDE than the average person) A bit better than CV1 but definitely not as clear as O+ with the same panel. Wish I had used a Vive Pro or old Odyssey(one without the diffuser) to see how it matches up with other headsets with this size of panel. The lenses are really good and clear with a nice Sweetspot and I haven't noticed a single godray yet. I will have to look for them. The IPD adjustment is kind of hard to push but it works and is definitely a good feature to have for comfort. 

Pass through camera is awesome, and setting up your space with it is fantastic. Easily my favorite part of this headset so far. Takes just a second to draw a circle and you're playing. 

The fit is about what you expect from the CV1. I find it very comfortable and the foam doesn't bother me at all. 

All in all, considering this thing is using a mobile processor, I love it. It's good enough VR that you can bring anywhere and share with friends or kill time with. 


Level 14

Zenbane said:

Great writeup. I can see how people will be divided on the controllers. I noticed that the Quest controllers are "'lighter" than the Rift controllers. I held them both at the same time, and the Rift controllers are clearly more weighted. I prefer the lighter Quest controllers for that reason, since it is less strain on the wrist during long VR sessions. I get a lot of wrist fatigue since I've been writing software for 20 years! The Quest controllers feel practically hollow. I think that also contributes to their tendency to "roll" against the weight of the ring.

As for SDE, I didn't notice any at all. But that might be due to actively using my Rift for 3 years straight. I think my eyes automatically block out SDE at this point.

Went back and compared the two directly and going back and forth between them. I agree the new Touch definitely are lighter, and the menu button is definitely out of the way more, I forgot to add that as a bonus to the new one. What I like about the old Touch is that they feel more like part of my hand,,, even if I relax my hand they stay there. This is really great for immersion. The New Touch, I always feel them. Literally 100% of the time, they don't disappear like the old touch do, at least not in my hand. 

One thing I will give a nod to the new touch for also is the tracking. I just got done playing 2 more tracks with them in Beat Saber and I was swinging them all over the place and my battery doesn't seem to be moving like the old CV1. So functionally the new ones are better and ergonomically the old ones are. So, It's a toss up overall and they're both great. 

Level 5
It is bloody good for a mobile device, it is better than my Rift in every way apart from tracking and graphics (resolution is a good step up).

Really pleased with it and will use it more than PCVR.

Now all we need is something that will allow a wireless solution that will make it possible to play our PCVR games and the jobs a goodun

Level 11
Be good, die great !

Level 16
Agreed. The Rift CV1 Touch Controllers have an amazing ability to blend in to your hands quite naturally. Nothing has been able to match that yet. I presume that Facebook knows this but is banking on the VR Gloves they've showcased at their conferences. Because that would be the only thing that could feel more natural than Rift CV1 Touch: VR Gloves.

But that aside, the new Controllers solve issues that were present in the older ones. 2019 is the year of trade-offs lol

Level 14
I figured out what was going on with me in Vader Immortal. The Quest was still downloading some of my library in the background. Asking it to multitask with Vader Immortal was too much. It's still not the most smooth experience but it's better than it was for sure.  

Level 4
I'm finding the built-in audio is very poor - lacking in dynamic range, and sounds muffled almost to the point of being unusable. I have an Oculus Go and the audio on that is much better. I'm seeing varying reports on the audio quality so it seems that some units may be ok and others not. Not sure if it's worth returning it for another that may have the same issue.

Level 5
I found the complete opposite... My Quest has shockingly good Audio that is far better than my GO. When I first unpacked my Quest it had a firmware update to apply, have you had one?

Level 14
My audio isn't bad but it's way too low volume wise. I have it on 100% and it's not enough. 

Level 5
I noticed with one app that at 100% volume it started to distort on the bass sounds. It still wasn't loud enough. I think it really requires IEMs.

Level 4
Yeah setup is easy and the quest is bloody awesome. Vader although short was an epic experience. Visuals were great! All in all very impressed with the Quest and very glad I got one.