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Elite Strap broke (again)

Level 3

I haven't been here in a while but I'm back to see if others have have the strap break a second time.  I thought the first replacement would have been made with a stronger material.  


Level 4

Were you careful with the strap? Loosen it before taking it off, and not over-tighten it on your head? I've had mine for over two months and no cracks and no issues. Yet I play games like Beat Saber, Supernatural, all the time with the headset moving around a lot.

Level 3

I'm doing my first rma with them. I'd like to know how your experience goes, because if my replacement breaks too, I'm asking for a full refund and going for a third party strap.

I haven't heard back from them but I will post results.

The customer service stinks. I have been waiting for weeks after sending my broken strap for a replacement. They don't answer emails.