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Elite head strap with battery delayed yet again, sort it out Oculus

Level 2

So I originally bought one of these head straps when the Quest 2 first came out but it broke after a few months (lucky me to get a few months) and so I reverted back to the original rubber band strap, which is functional but uncomfortable as hell.


I saw the pre-orders come up on the official Oculus page, so slapped my order down, which was supposed to have an estimated shipping date of today (May 18th) and was saying this for over a month.


I look today and it has now moved to June 8th as an estimated shipping date.


What is the problem with these people? Have they not sorted the problems out yet? Why give estimated dates and not even try to stick to them?


It bothers me, this kind of "service". Especially with the history of this product.


I just want to know what the official line is with the Elite head strap, which isn't asking too much.


I have tried a couple of alternatives with no major success, maybe due to my big ears 😂


Level 4

The first Elite Strap I purchased broke in November last year I have gotten a new replacement for free thanks to Oculus, but now it's broken again last night I have a support ticket open with Oculus for my laptop not meeting the minimum specifications and to comply with support,  I was taking the serial numbers off the Oculus quest and the elite strap broke I'm disappointed upset and wish that Oculus would do a little  more research on their products before they released them to the public.