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Elite strap with battery drained even if the Oculus is powered down

Level 4

Hi folks,

I got an Elite strap with battery. This is a great accessory: very comfortable, double the play time and your Quest 2 is better balanced (counterweight).

However it is not perfect because the Oculus is always in "charge mode" if the Elite strap is left plugged EVEN if the Quest is powered down. This is very annoying.

Over the night, the head strap battery can lose 20/25% of its capacity.

The only workaround is to unplug the Elite USB-C wire after powering down the Quest.

I know many people got the same issue.

So, is it a bad hardware design? Or is it a software issue?

In the 2nd case, shall we hope for a possible update of the battery firmware (if it's even possible...)?
Or maybe a new Quest firmware could fix this issue?

If somebody from the support could answer to this. 😊

BTW, exchanging the "Elite Strap with battery" will not fix this issue since, as far I know, all the owners of the accessory got the same problem.

Best regards,



Level 4

Non one go the same issue? 😨
I feel lonely... 😓

Level 5

The option of unplugging the elite strap with battery cable is the only solution I’ve found. Don’t know of any other workaround. Minor annoyance but not a big deal. 

Level 4

I agree, it is a minor annoyance. It is just a shame for a such nice piece of hardware.😆