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Elite strap with battery: keeping the charge

Level 2

I noticed that after charging the quest2 with the elite battery strap that when I put everything on, the battery strap always looses charge. When I start it already has gone down to 80 or 70 percent. However if, after charging, I remove the connection between the battery from the elite and the quest2, and store that way, and then just before playing I put the battery connector back in, now the battery pack in the elite maintains charge to almost 100 percent. However, it’s like I am constantly adding and removing the external battery. 
Is this a safe and good practice? How do others keep the charge in their elite headset battery? 


Level 10

Question, do you put your Quest to sleep or fully turn it off when not in use?

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Hi. Not sure if I previously replied to this. If not sorry for the time answering. 
I put it fully turned off — also while charging its fully turned off.  I call fully turned off the long on/off button press till the off sound. 


Level 2

I have the same issue and I am on my 2nd one, the first one also had the peel apart defect. I suspect cheap cells with high self discharge.  I wouldn't be shocked if they quit charging much after a year. This happens with quest off...

Level 2

So what I do is to remove the cord between the battery and the oculus after the charge is complete and the light is green. This helps

preserve the charging on the external battery in the elite strap. 
Just before I play again I plug that cord back between the battery and the oculus. Works like a charm.