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Enabling Developer Mode in new update

Level 2

Having issues locating the developer options in the new update? No worries, here is a step-by-step guide with the updated instructions.


(These instructions are providing you have the headset and oculus app all set-up)

Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Link your current oculus account to a developer account by signing in


Step 3: Go to Profile Icon > Preferences > Select Organization > Create


Step 4: Go through the organization process and create a fake company (fake name, etc... just fill out the info)


Step 5: Go to the oculus app on your mobile


Step 6: Sign-In with your account (Log Out and Sign-In again if you're already logged in)


Step 7: Go to Devices > (Your Device) > Developer Mode


Step 8: Enable Developer Mode


Step 9: Create a community post so people know how to do it because the first part isn't included in the official docs.....


Level 2

It's gone. Doesn't show up in the Oculus app now like it did 2 weeks ago when I set up the last headset...