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Experimental features are not on my new quest two

Level 2

Just received my quest two four days ago. Should it not have updated with the latest features? Because it doesn't have experimental features in settings and online my account days my apps are not sharable


Level 13

update roll-outs are factor of several things:

When the quest was produced - batch date (earlier batch dates are prioritized)

Where you physically live - server availability (oculus will roll out typically in cycles to not but over demand on servers)

Reported bugs and fixes - So oculus might fix bugs as the rollout starts then - release better versions as needed.

It can take up to 3 to 4 weeks for everyone to be adopted on particular update.


If you have the update file on your computer and know how to  boot load an update you can do that if your impatient, but i would advise as your better off to get the update when rolling changes are final.

thank you so much for this.  when the update is generally available will i receive an email or communication advising me how to update my headset?

All you do is check your settings and about tab, it will tell you if you can update.  Then make sure you are plugged in the charge cable and click update.