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Eye problem-Oculus Q2

Level 2
So I’m not sure how to start this but, I got my oculus quest 2 about a week ago (maybe a week and couple days) and I’ve programmed my account and what not blah blah. I’ve never had this problem before with my eyesight, I wear glasses and I have somewhat of a bad eye sight so I remember that everything seemed normal when I first used it, I was extremely happy for my first virtual reality headset and so I started with an amazing game called rec rooms. I remember the first day I’ve played it, it was for like 2 hours then I played like 3 hours the next day, then the following day it was 6 hours which was when the weird eye feeling started, I can’t explain the feeling but it’s like your eyes aren’t in place, as if your eyes aren’t that focused, just a weird and stressful feeling. I immediately asked people from rec room if it was normal and they said it was and not to worry because I just started with the whole vr stuff, they told me I should take breaks in the middle of gameplay and I realized that I never took a break throughout the 2,3 or even 6 hour gameplay that I did. I started getting worried and didn’t touch my headset after that day where the weird feeling started. Whenever something’s wrong with me I kinda get like a panic attack or my anxiety goes pretty terrible so I thought maybe it’ll take off if I don’t play it anymore and so day four passed by and day five and still no luck so I made an eye doctor appointment and they made some tests and he told me that the weird eye feeling could’ve just been from dry eyes so he told me it wasn’t much and that I should take eye drops. It’s weird because it’s still been a couple days since the appointment and I’m still having this eye problem. I know the community isn’t like eye doctors or whatnot but I know at least someone has had this problem and maybe they can like tell me if they still have it and it’s like a permanent thing or if they maybe fixed it some way. Sorry if this isn’t the place to discuss this, I’m just all over the place.
It’s just crazy that I’ve always wanted a vr headset and this is what I get for just trying to enjoy myself. 
Please help in any way. Thank you. 

Level 6
Why get paranoid about it though?. It's normal for your body to do things it's not accustomed to. If your vision isn't actually getting worse and you don't feel any kind of pain I wouldn't get too worried about it.

Level 12