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Face covering

Level 2

Hi, not sure if anyone can help me when I'm playing the VR I can have the headset on for about 30mins and my forehead and cheeks go really red, sore and start to sting I use a silicone covering over the foam, luckily I've never became swollen like some people I have seen as I've played it for hours at once just wondering if anyone had any idea of what I can use to help stop this reaction that I'm getting? Any suggestions to other face coverings? Anything 

Thank you in advance 


Level 9

That's unusual to have a reaction to silicone. Is it the cover that came with your Quest?

I can highly recommend VR cover products. They supply a variety of covers using medical grade silicone and other materials.

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I was using the silicone from the actual quest then I bought a coloured one but I was still having the same problem with the original silicone iswell, I will have a look at that link thank you might help because I do have really sensitive skin luckily it hasn't been a bad allergic reaction as I can't blame oculus as its just my skin