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Facebook Account Hacked , Cant log in to my oculus quest 2 to play purchased games

Level 2

My Facebook account that was used to connect Oculus quest 2 was hacked. as a result i can not login to facebook now.  


Now since i can not use my facebook, I can also not use my oculus quest as well. I can go ahead and make a new profile, however i had purchased games and i am afraid i will end up paying the money again for the games i had brought before, Can anyone help me in this regard? i dont care if my facebook account gets back or not.. I just need the games back . Can anyone help me in this please





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Faraz. Account issues are never fun, and we definitely want you to have access to your account.


Here at Meta Store Support we can manage the Oculus information stored on your Facebook account, but not the greater Facebook account as a whole. For this, you will need to go through Facebooks support channels, and use the Facebook Help Center. For this issue in particular, this link will take you right where you need to go.


You mentioned creating another account. Please don't do that. As your Facebook and Meta accounts are linked, A different account won't have any of your games and that duplication could cause some issues when you get back into your original account.


Go ahead and give that link a follow. It has some drop downs and a very useful guided walkthrough for addressing this issue directly.

Level 2

I have tried all that.. but its not helping at all. Like i mentioned previously, I am of a age now where i dont care much about facebook... Oculus is my goto gaming device now... is there anyway i can send you  my email address or anything from my email address so i can atleast somehow retrieve my purchased games ? . I have learnt a lesson the hard way .. and i will now use a stand alone account for my oculus .. so that i can use it independently. anyway i can get my games back? may be how i paid for my games can let me earn them back? 

Can you please send a password reset to my oculus and unlink my facebook account.  Please Please..... I dont want to create a new oculus account and then buy the same games again... please help me out !