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Facebook account linked to Oculus multiple options?

Level 2

Hello everybody,


Me and my friends are thinking to buy an Oculus Quest 2. Since I know it's mandatory to link a Facebook account I would like to understand this thing:

Can you link a Facebook account that has been deactivated? (Not deleted, just non active, with only messenger that is active).

In case you can't, can you leave your main account deactivated as it is and create a new FB account and link the Oculus to it? (with your real name and surname of course, not a fake one).





Level 3

Don't buy one. There is no support and they screw up the accounts all the time. After 2 months of trying to reach support to get my purchases restored to my account after moving to a FB id I've gotten ZERO replies. Do not spend any money with Oculus or Facebook! You'll be buying a very expensive paperweight!

Level 4

I have lots of fun with my quest 2 whether using standalone, linked with cable or using virtual desktop to play pc games. As far as Facebook goes idk I just use my normal Facebook. My Facebook is already on the internet and I don’t do or post dumb stuff so I’m not really worried about it.