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Fear of heights and falling

Level 2

Searched through the forums and the only discussions I've seen are how to induce fear of heights or how to get over it.

I am far from either, but would like to know - are there any adjustments that can be done to minimize the landscape's height? I know this is all virtual, but it's so effin scary, it takes away from the experience.

For example, I play Supernatural - one landscape is over the clouds. I get so scared I'll fall that I miss hitting the balloons. Beat Saber for me is worse - like I'm going to drop into the abyss.


Helpful comments only, please. If you're not able to relate, please just scroll through.


Thank you!



Level 9

Im no good with heights either but as far as i know there is no way to adjust the landscape heights.

You do get used to it to a point once you get the mindset its not real and your really on solid ground and then you will find you will enjoy them more but you have to remember its the WOW factor that is aimed for.

I find sitting down helps when watching aerial Videos over cities and games that allow you to play sitting.

You feel much more secure than standing and are usually more aware of the chair which takes the edge off it.

Level 2

thank you for replying and sharing a solution. 😊

I am terrible with heights in real life and some experiences in VR trigger the same feelings. I must have spent all of 5 seconds in Richies Plank Experience before giving it a massive Nope. I agree that sitting down helps, which is why I seem to be fine in flight simulators but all I can really suggest is avoiding games that put you in the sorts of situations that trigger your anxiety. There are plenty of games that don't rely on height to impress.

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Volunteer Moderator

You should probably avoid playing Pistol Whip's The Fall, the whole song is sliding along a thin catwalk over a giant drop.


(Most Pistol Whip songs are on flat ground, but that one song would be an acrophobic nightmare)


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