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FiOS G1100 vs G3100 AirLink

Level 2

I am currently using a FiOS G1100 in my apartment with my Oculus Quest 2, 5Ghz, my PC has 16GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060, 2 SSD's (1 for games and 1 for OS and business Apps),  CPU i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz.

My apartment about 600 sq ft. - I moved my modem, which is in my Bedroom, all the way to the door so it's as close as possible to the living room where I use my Quest 2.  I'm using Air Link (and Virtual Desktop before that) to play Rick and Morty & Half Life Alyx.  Generally, they start up OK, and I've played Half Life for up to an hour or so once or twice, but no matter what, at some point all of the sudden things get SUPER Wonky!  Everything is slow beyond belief, chop city, to the point I can barely get out of the games.  Once I get out (IF I get out) of the game, the Virtual Room (The Air Link one) is also impossible to use.  My apartment really isn't that big at all, and the modem is maybe 10 feet away.  My PC is running games in high res without any problems at all, so I don't think that's the issue, it's only AirPlay, the one thing I am desperately yearning to make function properly.


At this point I am 99% sure this G1100 is the problem.  I'd like to know if anyone else out there has suffered as I have.  Has anyone tinkered with the device and found any adjustments that can be made to improve things even in the slightest?


The BIG question I have is really about the the G3100 and if it is any better?  Has anyone made the jump and found a significant difference, in both the Quest 2, and any other devices in the home/office?  I've been thinking about rolling the dice so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!