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Finally - COMFORT!!! on the Quest

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If you dig down far enough, you will find this info but I hope it gets pinned to the top here for a long time. This actually works and makes the Quest fit like it should.

I am writing this under my son's account. He has some really sophisticated VR setups, from several years back. We first saw the VR hopefuls at Siggraph 20 years ago... (Dactyl Nightmare anyone?) But like a lot of people I wanted something that would be MINE, divorced from the wires, the lighthouses, PC and the Quest does that wonderfully - EXCEPT the headset is horribly uncomfortable. You all know this too.

I did get the padded strap for the head and that helped, but no... I got the padded cover for the faceplate but no... I see where people are using batteries and even a soup can to hang on the back for balance... NO!! why did they make this terrible head strap set?

Then I found this - use the Vive audio strap (amazon $99) but what with having boxes of the OLD, I found my son't first one. Pulled all the wiring off - carefully no damage - and followed this youtube video.

THIS IS WHAT OCULUS SHOULD HAVE SHIPPED WITH THE QUEST!!!!! oh what wonderful comfort!! Don't need a brand new one either.


Level 9
To take that comfort a step further...the 20mm replacement padding for the DAS from VR Cover, and the facial insert and padding from them as well. The 20mm padding is the most comfortable thing I've ever had on my head. It literally hugs my skull. It also doesn't soak up the sweat like the original padding in the DAS. The DAS on it's own was a little loose around my ears, making it so I had to crank the strap tight to my face. But with the 20mm grips the back of my skull and crown, making it so the Quest doesn't even want to press down on my cheeks from being front-heavy. The back used to want to ride up because of the weight...not anymore. I don't need to crank it so tight either.

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Ah yes, the FrankenQuest. MRTV and others on YouTube have had many videos about this, including which cases the modified Quest can fit into. People have been using the Vive deluxe audio strap for many other VR headsets as well over the last few years like the Go and the Samsung Odyssey with lots of success. 

Level 9
Yep, I first saw the mod for the Go, which is what prompted me to do my Go. Then when I bought my Quest, as soon as I figured out how to remove the original strap, I then made sure the Quest was ok and worked properly, then did the transplant. As for cases the Quest with the DAS will fit into...I haven't seen one posted yet, or in a video. The arms of the headphones are 10" wide...there's 1 case posted recently, originally for a PSVR I think, but it's exactly 10" wide...not sure if that's ID or OD, but even if it's ID...that doesn't leave room for padding. I'm currently looking at a camera bag/backpack that's pretty much the exact size I need. I recently RMA'd my Rift CV1, and they sent it back in a box with the foam cutout, so all I needed to do was carve it out a bit more for the DAS and earphones. I even added a piece of foam inside the headset area, with cutouts for the controllers to fit in, so I can securely stand them up inside the DAS, making it even more compact. The foam comes to 12" x 11" x 6", and the bag's internals are 15.75" x 12.25" x 6.25". Depending on the strength of the walls of the bag, I might reinforce it with plastic cut from a Rubbermaid tub or something, wrapped in material, using hot glue to adhere the material, then velcro'd to the sides and back of the bag. That's the plan anyway. 😛

Level 3


Hi there!

May I introduce you to my very own comfort mod for the Oculus Quest – QuesTON!

QuesTON was designed to reduce the front-heaviness of the headset by installing a custom-designed counterweight system to the Quest’s back-strap, balancing its overall weight.

Key Features:

  • Optimally balanced counterweight at approx. 300gm
  • High-quality stainless steel – type 316 for corrosion-resistance
  • Rounded design – comfortable even while leaning back during sitting experiences
  • Five individually crafted weights span the entire width of the Quest’s back-strap 
  • Doesn’t compromise flexibility, adapts to the contour of each unique head shape
  • Soft, Velcro padding adds an extra layer of cushion to Quest’s back-strap, better supporting the back of head
  • Achieves all of the above while managing to appear as a stylish accessory

You may purchase it directly here:

Or view a demo of the product in my video on the Top Oculus Quest Mods available today, including something creative for the touch controllers as well:

I hope this will help anybody who are looking for ways to improve the comfortability of their Quest headset 😉

Yours sincerely,

Shaun Choo