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Fix for Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics driver.

Level 3

Had this issue randomly pop up and ran through it with support, didn't find a solution there. Did some digging however, and found someone on reddit who mentioned they uninstalled a program called Overwolf, which deals with Minecraft mods through curseforge. If you have this program right now, it will break the Oculus software for whatever reason, and uninstalling it fixed my problem with the detected problem with graphics driver error.


Level 3

THIS WORKED YOU LEGEND! can i never reinstall overwolf.


Excellent, this was the problem for me too! 

I’d wait for an update on Oculus’s end. Or Overwolf, one of them is going to have to sort out the compatibility issue.

Saved me so much time. LEGEND is right. Oculus should put this fix right up at the top of their troubleshooting checks.