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Fixed AirLink and Oculus Link!! 3 dots problem!!

Level 3

Black Screen/3 dots issue. (Hardware Notification) Oculus Problem For Oculus Link/Air Link


~First Troubleshooting tip: -Open Device Manager > Device Adapters (Mind you this only applies if you have Integrated Graphics) > RIght Click on the Integrated Graphic Unit > Disable Unit (This will refresh your computer, Display Wise) Restart Both your Comptuer And Quest/(Or whatever headset you're using) And try Link again.


If It doesn't work then


Second TroubleShooting Tip -Go to your PC Oculus App > Go to Settings > General > Make Sure Unknown Sources are Turned ON


Third TroubleShooting Tip -Go Into your PC settings > Graphic Settings > Browse > C:\Program Files\Support\oculus-runtime > Add all three OVR Services > Click on them After > Options > Set to High Performance


Fourth TroubleShooting Tip -Make sure your Graphic Drivers ARE UP TO DATE! This has gotten me to have my Air Link work, But This also works for Oculus Link as well!


Level 2

None of this worked 😞


Did not work 😞

Level 2

None of this worked, but thank you for trying to help us

Level 3

What I've looked into is that if your computer has a integrated graphics card, Try disabling that in Device manager. And try it again (You may have a weird display afterwards, Which is normal)


You may have to re-enable Airlink on your Oculus App on your PC. Try it from your headset again.


If it works, Great!


If not, I'm sorry.


After it works, Re-enable the integrated graphics card. And you should be good to go.

Level 3

Disabling the iGPU worked for me! Thanks!

Glad to have helped!