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Flickering screen using Virtual Desktop via Quest Link

Level 2
Hi there,

i noticed a "feature" with the newest Oculus Software (14) update. This however only occurs when also connecting my laptop via HDMI to TV in conjunction with Oculus Link connection. This setup makes a Virtual Desktop Window flicker on every movement of the touch controllers making it unusable. Unplugging my TV from HDMI solves the problem. However it would be nice to have it work as it was before the update. Can you reproduce the issue and is this a known thing ? Also maybe there is a workaround.

Level 8

The updates can have a few bugs, but they usually get fixed pretty quickly. But you should submit a support ticket. The more commonly reported bugs would probably get priority.

Level 2

having the exact same issue, using DP output to my screen have not had chance to test unplugging it - but yea essentially if i use VD with link enabled as soon as i move the mouse / have the controllers interacting with the screen it flickers like mad.