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Floor Boundary will not turn off

Level 2

Hello! I have a Quest 2 that is giving me some trouble in one specific menu.


If I go to Settings - Guardian, there is a Glanceable Boundary that you can slide to On or Off. It starts Off by default, I think.


I turned it On and have had it that way for a few weeks but now I've decided it isn't for me, so I went to switch it Off. It slides to the Off position, but the glowing floor outline remains where it is. When I go back into that menu, I see that Glanceable Boundary is once again turned On. If I slide it again to Off and just go to a different Settings menu then back again, I find that the switch is once again set for On. Is there a way I am not seeing to turn this feature back off?


Understand that I do not want the Guardian turned off, just this glowing outline on the floor when I glance down.