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Frame Drops with Oculus Link and unplayable Performance

Level 2

Hello, I recently brought an Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link Cable and wanted to play PC Steam Games but whenever I use the link cable and use Oculus Link to play games with my PC I get very bad frame drops in almost all games except Pavlov, BONEWORKS but even they are jittery/stuttering and when I play Arizona Sunshine or Phasmophobia or Blade and Sorcery the game is absolutely unplayable, I had this issue on when I was on Windows 11 but I somehow fixed it by opening the Oculus debug tool's console window and then playing the games then all games very greatly and playable that too in amazing quality but then when next day I turned on my PC again and opened the same console window it wasn't working again then I had enough with it and downgraded back to Windows 10 but even now still the same issue and even the console debug thing doesn't work either but this was the error I think I was getting in it

This is the error: Code: -6100 -- ovr Error XRStreamingGeneralIssue
Description: Frame (Number) dropped due to encoder backup
This I think is the main issue

These are my Laptop's Specs:
RTX 3070 Laptop GPU (Max-Performance)
Ryzen 9 5900HX (8 Core CPU, 16 Threads/Logical Cores)
16 GB RAM 3200MHz
Windows 10
I will also post a picture of the steam vr performance test that showed my Specs performance for VR VR Performance Test ResultsVR Performance Test Results
The Error I believe is the main issueThe Error I believe is the main issue


Level 2

I'm on the exact same laptop set up as you. Just got the quest Friday. Steamvr home works no problem as soon as I open any game at all I get extreme jumping and jitter and suddenly can see the edges of all screens and if I move my head it's just a jittery mess. About to return this 

Level 2

Have you tried with airlink? Have you disabled Geforce Experience? Faulty cable gave me choppiness and in airlink nvidia overlay gave me that little jitter. Disabling it gave back performance

Level 4

Interesting that you are still getting the encoder backup errors even after downgrading. Though, you seem to be dropping far fewer frames than I do when experiencing the issue.