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Framerate in Oculus Link HUD not at display Hz? (Link)

Level 5
When using a Quest 2 on Link, I noticed that the Oculus Link performance HUD from Oculus Debug Tools shows the Framerate at a value usually lower than both the display Hz and game/app framerate.

It's seemingly worse with 72Hz, compared to 80Hz and 90Hz refresh rates on Link, but in all cases, the number for Framerate is still lower than the refresh rate most of the time.

Here is the HUD setting specifically:


And here is what it's displaying (45 Framerate at 72Hz setting):


I'm wondering:

1. If anyone else can reproduce this (I'd be particularly interested in high-specs and people with the official Link cable somehow still seeing low Framerates reported)
2. If anyone knows what this is about (why does it go from 45 to 60-70 seemingly at random? What does it actually affect?)
3. What determines what the Framerate number is? (CPU load? GPU load? GPU encoder? Cable quality? Moon phase?)
Quest 2 | 2700X | 6600 XT

Level 5
So it turns out this could be related to the V25 Oculus client on PC. I reverted back to V23 on the PC client, and Link reports the Frame rate at the display Hz no issue (72 at 72Hz, 90 at 90Hz).

In my case though, it doesn't actually feel any different from V25 though, so I'm wondering if Debug Tools is mis-reporting this number, or if Oculus is doing some magic to make the lower framerate not actually appear lower?
Quest 2 | 2700X | 6600 XT