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Freezing while using Link, especially when opening steamvr or steamvr games

Level 2
I recently got a 3 meter usb 3.0 cable for my oculus so that I didn't have to use virtual desktop anymore, as I was getting too many disconnects, however, whenever I play a game, it either freezes immediately after launching (this is the case for all steamvr games), or after a short while of playing the game (this was the case for oculus first contact, which I used to test if the issue was with steamvr specifically). 

My processor is an AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
My GPU is a GTX 1080ti
Running on windows 10

I've thoroughly investigated other posts both on here and reddit for possible solutions, nothing so far has worked. It could potentially be the cable I'm using? But what's weird is it works fine in my top usb ports, just not in my back usb 3.0 ports.

I will provide logs just in case, hopefully someone has a solution for me.

Level 4
I had the same problem till I found the right usb 3.0 port of my motherboard to use (seems strange but they behave differently)
If you can't find one usb 3.0 port that works without freezing, I think the only solution is to use a usb 2.0 port or to buy and install a PCI-e usb 3.1 card...