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Friends quest 2 factory reset itself !!PLEASE FIX!! (Fixed)

Level 2

My friend woke up today and turned on his headset to find that all the data was gone. I have recently found out other people are having the same issue. Wtf oculus can you PLEASE fix this, this bug should be your top priority and I really don't want other people to have the same problem. My friend is 21 hours away from me  (because we are online friends) so I cannot offer physical help.


!!UPDATE!! My friend connected his phone into his quest 2 via the Oculus app, and the display turned black for a bit, but it fixed it! This f***ing scared me half to death and same with my friend. Please fix this


(Sidenote: instead of his headset starting up and saying "erasing" it didn't, it started up like normal, but he couldn't do anything, he couldn't download games, play games, or access any files with his quest 2 alone)