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Frozen pixels?

I've had some issues with my Quest (1) for a while now.

Whenever i was in VRChat (only noticeable there because of less movement), my Quest starts to somehow let pixels die, when i don't move enough. It's normally happening with only one of the two lenses, that when i don't move enough, the pixels somehow start to freeze. The whole displayed image get's brighter, like someone puts a white image with on top of the displayed game with a low opacity, so that you can still see the game, but everything gets just brighter with every second that passes.


To unfreeze those pixels, i either spin 360° or just wave in front of my head with one of my controllers, so new pixels have to be loaded in. But that barely helps for about five seconds, before the whole procedure starts all over again.


Has someone had similar issues or does even have a way to solve this issue. It happens very rarely, like maybe twice or four times a month, but it is still annoying. It's also not only on the right, but also on the left lens. I just can't remember a day, where it was on both lenses. The glitch either took the left or the right one.