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Game I can’t get

Level 3

So it’s me again I try to get the game again and as always Dan allow me the thing is I don’t pay on Visa cards I got a iTunes card and I’m using that and I don’t have PayPal so I don’t know what to do can you help me please with this problem I am very much lost and I really want this game.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! We understand you are having some payment issues, and would like to see what kind of payment method you should use.

Below are the Oculus only supported payment method. 


You can add the following payment methods to your account:

  • Credit Card/Debit Card:
    • American Express

    • MasterCard

    • Visa

Kindly try the above methods and if you are still experiencing issues with this please direct message us if you need more assistance