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Game not showing up in purchased history or library on Oculus App on PC or phone

Level 3


Anyone know why Quest games I bought on Oculus store aren't showing in my purchased history or library ?


I have Quest 2 headset and some games I purchased on Quest store don't show in my purchased history or library on the Oculus app for PC or phone. Example around Christmas I purchased Vader Immortal 1/2/3, Space Pirate, Robo Recall, then yesterday I bought Path of the Warrior, all from Quest NOT RIFT STORE!. I wanted to get a refund on Path of the Warrior as it makes me super sick, like I was on a roller coaster for 3 ours straight. 


When I pull up the Oculus app on PC, I go to settings and purchase history and it's only showing game from the Rift store I bought when using my link cable. It doesn't show any of the games I mentioned that were purchased on the Quest store. This is a problem as I cannot access my purchase of Path of the Warrior to click and request a refund like I'm supposed to be able to do. I have no idea why games I bought on the Quest store aren't showing in my purchased history or library on the Oculus app. 


When I put my headset on these games show up but not on the Oculus app when pulled up on PC or phone. I only have one account and have no idea why the games I bought don't show on the Oculus app, I buy all my games through the app and the ones bought from the Quest store aren't showing. 


Level 2

 Did you ever find out how to do this as I now have the same issue...


Level 2

We are having the same problem!!  I even pulled up a screenshot of the order confirmation number that I took of the Oculus page at time of purchase, screenshot the paypal transaction (with order number and transaction numbers) and support just keeps running me in circles.  They said I should have received an emailed invoice or receipt for the purchase, only they never sent one because I have ALL my email history with them saved.  I have repeatedly requested the support agent that is helping me to have his supervisor fix the issue since I have provided all reasonable proof of purchase, but to no avail.   I looked at their bbb rating - it's an 'F'  I have very strong fear that this is a problem they aren't going to fix for us 😞