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Games from the Oculus desktop app are not visible on the headset

Level 2

I used the desktop PC app to purchase a game, and now I am trying to launch it on the Quest 2 headset, but it's not visible there!  And when I try to launch the game on in the desktop app, nothing happens in the headset, although it is connected to the PC with an USB cable. Is this a bad joke or what? Are you **bleep**ing kidding me?


Level 3

What game did you purchase? It's likely a Rift game, so it won't show up in your Quest library, and in that case would need to use either a link cable, or virtual desktop to play.
Have you enabled oculus link via the headset?

It's the Job Simulator game.

Omg, the situation with the stores is so convoluted. I have found this page which explains the situation. It seems like it was deliberately designed to extort money.

And I cannot launch this game on my PC either. When I click "Start in VR" nothing happens, although I have a Quest 2 headset connected with an USB cable to the PC, and the device is recognized with the desktop app.