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Games missing after update

Level 2

My quest two just updated (without even giving me a prompt to update it) and all my games are gone. I can’t even redownload them as there’s not button in the store to do so.


Level 2

All mine are gone too.  Cant install anything either

Level 2

I just got my oculus today it updated on first start up and i cant install anything on it

Level 2

Just updated to version 30. All games gone

Same thing here. Updated my Oculus an hour ago, and all apps are gone.

I connected it to the phone, bus still nothing.

The storage space seems occupied, but is not being recognized by the system.


Thank you Mark!

Level 3

Same issue here. I sent a ticket in to Oculus but I expect it'll take a while to get a reply, if at all

Level 3

Same here. Last night everything was great. This morning, my Quest 2 turned into a brick. All apps suddenly gone, can't download anything. (It spins forever.)

Also, BTW, I tried a factory reset and it didn't work. 

Level 2

Throwing in that I've got the same issue, quick update on my headset when I turned it on this morning and now I don't have access to any of my apps. I can see they're all associated to the account logged in, it's even recommending me DLC for the Beat Saber game on my headset that I can't play. Wtf?


Does anyone know what the actual issue is? From what I've read it seems to be some sort of issue where Facebook / Oculus has to verify the people that own the apps before they can play them, and that system/server is having issues if I understand it right.


I haven't had good experience with Oculus Support in the past so I really hope we don't have to go that route 😕

Level 3

same for me