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Games missing after update

Level 2

My quest two just updated (without even giving me a prompt to update it) and all my games are gone. I can’t even redownload them as there’s not button in the store to do so.


Level 3

Same thing here. 

Thank you mark for breaking all of our oculus quests

Level 2

Please keep me posted on this....I have the same issue with the V.30....All games are missing, i cannot install them there is no option to do that so....


This happened to me too. Absolutely none of my ideas worked. I trued force starting the app from the oculus app on my smartphone; failed. Trued re-downloading from the store within the headset; failed. Restarted, and even shut down and powered up the headset; failed. I have spent too much time with this heavy computer on my face, building up the saved data I had accumulated on their, for this to happen from a forced update, which I did not consent to, that was pushed onto my headset by Oculus themselves. Entirely unacceptable to have such a flaw in  an update that was released; it’s as if they didn’t double-check it and rushed it to be released like some bozos drooling for money. 

Level 2

Thank god it’s not me. I just bought mine today and purchased a bunch of games but can’t find them anywhere, when I manually search for them the wheel is spinning forever. Very frustrating first day experience to say the least...

Level 2

Same here my son's distraught, £300 worth of games gone and no way to get them back

Level 2

Same here, no basically bricked the quest with the update. Hopefully this can be fixed.


Level 2

It is a server outage, not an update issue

Level 2

Same here, 'glad' it's not just us! 

Level 2

Update: son turned off developer mode, then completely shut the headset down and restarted it. Apps are back, fingers crossed.