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Level 2

So I’m thinking of getting my son an oculus quest 2 for his birthday but I’m a little bit confused. If I buy him the headset and the controllers does it come with games? Is it like purchasing video games? Are they digital? do you download them? Also is there a gift card of some sort that can be used to purchase games??


Level 2

The Quest 2 comes pre-installed with a few free game demos to get him started.

After that, he would purchase games from the Oculus Quest store (a bit like the App store on an iPhone/Android).

Yes, they are digital and downloaded via your Wi-fi connection.

There are a number of free titles as well as many paid ones.

I'm not sure about gift cards, but I know it is possible to gift apps to someone else (in other words, you buy the app with your own account and gift it another person).

Lastly, he would need a FaceBook account.