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Get quest 2 from Curry's eBay pay UK £367.08 for 256gb

Level 5
Just a post for anyone in UK wanting the 256gb version

On eBay Curry's pc world page they have  £31.92 off the £399 model so makes.ot £367.08 and free postage

They have a code and the items page 🙂

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Have to be honest i have not gone into this deeply but i assume if there are issues you have to return it via the Ebay Process which quite frankly is always hassle. Is this the case or could you just take it back to the Curry's Store ?

Good point.

The Currys ebay terms make a big deal about it being easy to return and say they'll be processed within 72 hours of receipt but unfortunately you can't return items to their bricks & mortar stores.

'Our high street retail stores are not able to provide technical support or refund any Currys/PC World eBay store purchases''
'All returns must be via the Currys PC World eBay store'

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That could be a good thing then if they just replace it for you and send it back to the manufactures.
Or Bad if they tell you they need to do that for repair .. That's when it could start getting messy.