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Getting started with a companion app?

Level 2

Hi. Please point me to resources for learning how to build a companion app for a quest app. I'm looking to build a remote control app for mobile and desktop so a 3rd-party can monitor and control an app running in the headset. Ideally it'd be both a mobile app and browser app so a user could run it either from mobile or a desktop browser, and be able to run fully on local network (maybe the initial pairing for a browser app would require the internet for pairing).


If you have any resource pointers to share, thanks!


Level 2

Well, looks like I posted this to the regular community instead of the dev community! In any case, if you're a dev and seeing this and have the same question, I've been using Unity Render Streaming:


It's built on top of WebRTC to do video, audio and data channel streaming between a unity app and a web app (javascript). I think it can do unity-to-unity as well. There are some really good examples available in the example project, but documentation is scarce beyond the intro info and sparse reference docs. This likely is the same tech the Quest uses for casting.