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So my friend sent me a gift code and it popped up in my oculus notifications on my app and then when I tapped on it it just popped up the code immediately, and then I clicked redeem and when I tap on it it says it’s redeem but when I actually search it up in the oculus store, it just doesn’t say it’s redeemed it says I still have to pay so I need to know how to fix that and how to play the game.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

You may be looking in the wrong store.

There are 3 Oculus stores: Quest, Rift and Go. If you buy or gift a game in one, it may or may not apply to the others. Some games are "cross buy", so you get it on every store that has it with one purchase. Others (like Beat Saber) aren't cross buy, if you get a gift of it on the Rift store, it won't apply to the Quest store and vice versa.


If you are using the mobile app or web store, try changing the platform (to Rift or Quest) to check if the gift was for the other store. The PC desktop app can only show Rift store games and the in-vr stores (when wearing the headset) only show the matching store to the headset.

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Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! If you've verified you're checking in the correct store as mentioned by kojack and the store still says you need to pay for the gifted title, please click here to submit a ticket so that we can look into this further. Thanks!