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Gpu/AMD problem

Level 2

Hello everybody ❤️
Im here because i have an issue with gpu while being linked to vr ready pc

Pc specs:
GPU:Rx 480 4gb
CPU: I5-2500k
i dont think u need more info xd

and when i had GTX 1050ti 
All games were playable 
i was able to play most of the games at 60fps
and i wanted an upgrade to rx 480 4gb 
and when i upgraded suddenly gpu only works at 10-30%
while dedicatedm gpu memory is at 100%
every game just lags 
no clue what happened tried most basic fixes and nothing happened 
anybody got hints? fixes? i would love to hear
*tried 2 different type C cables*
After i bought gpu i stress tested it 
played some stress games and gpu handeled it really good