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Greetings. Questing for VR sims- esp. helicopter

Level 2
Greetings all. New here, just had my mind blown on a friend’s new Quest. New to all VR but been around (BA-before Apple) living a very tech- engorged (and enhanced) lifestyle. And I may even live in a basement.

But anyway, I love flight sims and once I saw the inside of that geodesic dome in the Vader game, all I could think of was the sky. Can’t wait until so many more “deal-maker” experiences hit the market. One good Cobra assault (or Millenium Falcon!) game and I wont be able to wait. Please tell me that they will be developing super-enhanced QUEST flight sims for this platform?! 

PS: I fully expect that this will be my favorite new tech product since the first plasmas came out- for me.


Level 4
For a start, Ultrawings is really fun and the flight experience is actually pretty realistic. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
If its flight sims then you need to consider PCVR ie a Rift S or similar headset with a PC the higher spec the better, get your wallet ready !!!!
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

Level 2
For many reasons I’m going to have to go with a stand-alone device- price being just one of the big factors. The QUEST answers all of my questions, so I am hoping that developers come up with games that I need. I really think this is the coolest new technology in decades for me. As long as they come up with the games I want. ??

 I imagine that this platform will explode with millions of new users once more people get their hands on it. Just a few seconds of VADER and I was hooked!!!