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Grey Screen: My Brand New Oculus Quest 2 Breaks after 3 Days of Use! / Support won't Reply!

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My oculus quest 2 was performing perfectly when I got it. I purchased the headset at a Microcenter which, of course, has a no return policy due to COVID restrictions. Anyways, I was unable to afford the extra $97 for warranty so I prayed for the best. AND OF COURSE, the headset breaks randomly after the first 3 days of use. I came home from work eager to use it and to my dismay, after booting the device, seeing the oculus logo and 3 dots, the screen went grey and remained grey until sleeping. I attempted EVERYTHING, scoured the internet for any possible fixes to this issue, and even tried Oculus SUPPORT which has been absolutely NO HELP since they have been unable to provide me with any updates. (I have gone though 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE all ready, and still no help) I provided my proof of purchase, device info (serial numbers) and all required information to either fix the issue or allow me to send it back. However, it has been OVER 2 WEEK and no reply/attention to my issue. I spent 300 dollars on this hardware and IT DOESN'T WORK!! I would not be complaining in this forum if it wasn't for the complete lack of costumer service and attention to important customer needs, ESPECIALLY MY CASE. The fact I haven't been either reimbursed or allowed a shipping label yet is infuriating. Someone at Oculus please read my grievance and do your do-diligence and HANDLE IT! This is not how you run a tech company and treat your valued customers. (Also, provide a phone number, with a headset so clearly flawed, allow the customer ease of mind, a phone number would allow for ease of communication, since your support team clearly cannot communicate though email properly!)


Level 2

That's oculus for you, I have nothing there are so many issues revolving around the quest that oculus just won't bother to fix even if they are major its sad honestly I hoped more from them, might just sell mine and get a new headset for PC VR instead.

Level 3

I am sorry to hear you are having problems. I placed a ticket and it took a week and a half for someone to answer it. Customer support is not a priority for facebook

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, we definitely understand your frustration and can appreciate where you're coming from. Please rest assured, we're not ignoring your case at all, but we are experiencing higher than normal ticket volumes that have affected our turnaround time and we're working hard to get back to everyone as quickly as we can. While we know the wait can prove even more frustrating, we ask that you do not frequently update your ticket or open new cases pertaining to the same issue as this can further slow down our ability to reply. In the meantime, can you please provide your ticket number so that we can check the status of your case? Thanks.